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how to use position compare
I’m using 24E2S to output PFM signal to control stepper motor, and I don’t use encoder, so I set Gate1[6].Chan[j].EncCtrl to 8. I know I need to “bracket” my starting position. So I setup Gate1[6].Chan[0].CompA=400,Gate1[6].Chan[0].CompB=-400,Gate1[6].Chan[0].CompAdd=1600, and it work fine. I can see the Gate1[6].Chan[0].Equ toggled. Now I want the starting position isn’t 0, so I think I should change the element in the motion program, here is a simple program,
open prog 2 // Open buffer for entry
linear; // Linear interpolation move mode
abs; // Absolute move mode
ta500; // 1/2-second accel/decel time
ts0; // No S-curve accel/decel time
f100; // Speed of 500 axis units per time unit
X10000; // Move X-axis to position of 10 units
dwell2000; // Sit here for 1/2-second
X0; // Move X-axis to position of 0 units
dwell2000; // Sit here for 1/2-second

but the three element doesn’t change, if I use them right?

This is a technical support issue. Please contact the TS Group at

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