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PFM output with 16-Axis MACRO CPU

I want to control stepper motors which receive the PFM output from 16-Axis MACRO CPU to Stepper Drive. That MACRO CPU is controlled by PowerBrick LV via MACRO link

I have followed the PowerPMAC Users Manual, section "Setting up the MACRO Ring" but I could not have PFM output.

Do you have any idea?
See under "Using the JHW Pulse and Direction Outputs" in the 16-Axis MACRO CPU User manual, online under Manuals / MACRO Control Systems / MACRO 16 CPU.
16-axis MACRO CPU is using Acc24E2S to provide the PFM output. No need to use the JHW port. We have tested the CPU and the ACC24 using a TPMAC VME Ultralight, so we are confident that these parts of the system still work.
Make sure that the "C" node register is pointed to by pDac.

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