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"YZ" moves skipping in Y axis when 2D comptable is enabled
I am working with a cartesian system, and need my tooltip to follow a slight curve. To accomplish this I am using a 2D CompTable where the X and Y motors are inputs and the Z motor is the target.

I set up the table and jog around and everything seems fine.

However when I am executing a motion program I get Y motor skips indicating too fast of moves (I am using steppers) whenever I command fast moves in Y and Z at the same time. The commanded move speed is lower (but close to) the max move speed of an individual motor.

Why would this be? Seeing as the target motor is Z I would expect Z to move too fast if anything does. How can there be an effect on the input motors when using a comp table?

Let me know if any other information is needed.
Monitor Motor[x].CompDesPos and Motor[x].CompPos for your Y motor as you do these moves. They should all be zero (by what you say you are trying to do), but if you specified a second target for this table, or there is another table active, you could inadvertently be adding into the motor position values.

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