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obtain next position from kinPosAxis
hello, if "X1000 Y0 Z100 U10 V20 W20" in my motion program,when the value of KinPosAxisX changes to 1000 ,KinPosAxisY changes to0 and so on?In my inverse kinematic ,i will use next position and the last positon for calculation,when i loaded the value of the KinPosAxis,i found the value of it was present position,it was not i want.So how can i do?

you might need someone to look into your kinematics for this kind of details.
we don't really know how you did your iteration, and we don't know how to troubleshoot it since we don't know the details.
inverse kinematics will always use the next command to calculate next motor positions.
we are not sure what the goal is to have KinPosAxis values other than present axis position values.
OK,I had another way to realize it,but watchdog also alarmed even If there is no iteration in program.I set a flag in the end of the program ,I found the program was finished,but wtd still alarmed.I guess there maybe some parameters were not right.I had.set Coord.SegMoveTime=10 and anyother parameters needed also,e.g.Sys.PreCalc?I also feel alarm happened when I put motor plus into KinMotorPos,but servo only had Ethercat communication innormal.I don't know why.

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