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Submitting "$$$" or "save" via gplib API
We are currently using the “Command()” or “GetResponse()” PMAC API methods (Gp Library Functions in gplib.h) to submit commands from a background C application (which in turn is talking to the outside world) to the PMAC command interpreter .

However, those particular methods do not support commands such as "$$$", "$$$***", "save".
What is the recommended way to submit these commands via the gplib API?
Power PMAC firmware refuses these commands through any communications thread other than direct “gpascii”. This is protection against “inadvertent abuse”.
Having said that, a Linux script could be installed that executes the following:
gpascii <<< ‘$$$’

The Power PMAC “system” command could then execute this from its script programming or through C.

Keep in mind this is very dangerous programming and is not recommended or supported by ODT. Execution at the wrong time can "brick" the PMAC.

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