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CK3E w ACC24E3 freezes foreground-clocks after $$$***

After a small dozen $$$*** my CK3E (PPMAC UMAC ARM) connected to an ACC24E3 (both inside UMAC-Rack 5XX-602932-DTE) freezes its foreground-clocks (phase, servo, rti), but background-clock keeps on running.
D15 on CPU dark, D13 on ACC24E3 base-board dark
One more $$$*** puts it back to full work, some more $$$*** freezes again all foreground-clocks.

Anybody has any idea/experience with that?!

Using here:
Linux version 3.14.28-ipipe (henry@henry-ThinkCentre-M93p) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #37 SMP Mon Apr 18 14:06:56 PDT 2016
V2.3.2.5 w uboot 0917


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This sounds like a hardware issue with the card. Contact ODT support with the board s/n. A serial port boot response could be useful for troubleshooting also.

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