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Backup CFG not Working - but machine is running for 5 years - Crazy..
When previous technician said that Delta Tau (Umac Turbo) were going crazy in the past. I did not believe them. But now it happened to me twice in a row for different machine. (The other instance, I will post on another thread).

Machine is running since for so long now (5 years). We have 3 cfg backup made through out these years. Yesterday, we decided to edit 6 lines of codes. For example M4017=1 to M4017=0.

When I did a restore of the edited cfg, the machine did not run. I found that this is because
IF(M4420=1) - M4420 must be equal to 1 for the machine to run.
So using text editor, I find all for M4420 and the result is below:

Line 2941: IF(M4420=1)
Line 3628: AND(M4420=1)
Line 3810: AND(M4420=1)
Line 4107: OR(M4420=0)
Line 4193: OR(M4420=0)
Line 7966: AND(M4420=1)
Line 8149: AND(M4420=1)
Line 8432: OR(M4420=0)
Line 8518: OR(M4420=0)
Line 29630: M4420->*

To my surprise. There is no code that will make M4420=1.
So I add this code under PLC 1.

My question are:
1) How the hell did the machine run for 5 years. Without this one line of code which is essential?

2) I did a backup, edit one line, make a restore of edited cfg. Now the machine is broke? make a restore of the backup cfg just made. Machine still broken?
The machine apparently had a working configuration for five years. I would suspect that the backup made was in some way corrupted or incomplete or it may be the case that M4420 is set external – maybe by a host computer.

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