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IDE debugging a PLC
I am attempting to debug a script PLC through the IDE. I found a thread from 2014 (see that indicated the you must use a non-numeric name for the buffer instead of a number 0 - 31.

1) Is this still true with IDE version

When I named my plc buffer to a name, e.g. myplc31, then the download process always throws an error indicating that whatever buffer comes after the 'named' buffer is in use. For example, I re-defined the start of my plc 31 from:
open plc 31


open plc myplc31
and upon either a 'build and download all' or 'download selected file' I get:

Error : ( Preprocessing Error) PLC in use, already auto-assigned : on string ("open plc 4")

This happens regardless of which plc I attempt to rename - it's like the 'myplc31' buffer doesn't recognize the 'close' and when the pre-processer sees the next 'open plc' it fails. If I re-define a different buffer, say, plc 7 to 'myplc7', then this error will be thrown on "open plc 8" since it follows next in the Solution Explore menu tree for the PLC Programs list.

This may be a bug or I'm not using alphabetical names correctly to define a PLC buffer. Can anyone lend some insight?
This is most definitely the result of using the “incremental download” (Download Selected File) on a program edit that was previously by number to a “named” program. By default the “pp_inc_disable.txt” file is empty so the old “numbered” file still exists in PMAC memory – it is not erased.

To correct this situation change all programs/PLCs to the named versions that you want and execute a "Clean" and then a full “Build and Download”.
I tried the rename, clean, build and download all sequence without success. I'm seeing similar results as before.

I also created a new plc (one that has never been used in this project) and named the buffer straight away to 'myplc23'.

open plc myplc23

This also generated the error when I did a 'clean, build and download all' sequence.

Just to be clear - it is the buffer name that needs to be an alphabetical name for debugging inside the IDE and not the module name, correct?

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