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PowerPMAC and 16-Axis MACRO CPU
Hi everyone,

I have read the User Manual of 16 Axis MACRO CPU. It's stated that it could be connected to Turbo PMAC2.

Is it possible to connect 16-Axis MACRO CPU to PowerPMAC via MACRO ring?

Yes - the 16-Axis MACRO CPU is compatible with a Power PMAC that has MACRO communications option.

The setup process is well documented in the "Power PMAC Users Manual" on the Forums' FileDepot:
" PMAC/Manuals/Power PMAC Users Manual.pdf"

See the section "Setting Up The Macro Ring" starting on page 83.
Thank you for your answer.

I have followed that user manual but I still cannot achieve my goals:
1. Having PFM output from MACRO Station to external stepper drive.
2. Control GPIO of MACRO Station.

Do you have any ideas about those? Thanks

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