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Monitoring Encoder Index Pulse
Hello DeltaTau,
Is it possible to monitor the raw signal from an encoder's index (reference) signal? When troubleshooting homing failures it would be helpful to try to plot the index pulse from the system to look for the expected signal (e.g. +0.5 V differential) without having to modify the system wiring to connect an external scope.

Reviewing the documentation for our controller (Power Brick LV) indicates you can view the raw sin-cos response (e.g. PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].AdcEnc[0], PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].AdcEnc[1]) but I wasn't able to figure out how to similarly view the index signal.

For reference, our specific application uses incremental sin-cos encoders with the expected index response shown below.

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You can read the status of the C-channel (index pulse) in “Gate3[i].Chan[j].ABC”. Keep in mind though “time resolution” in PMAC programming is at the servo rate (phase rate, if a user written phase is used) so it could be very easy to miss as it is not latched.

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