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RESOLVED - Problem with Channel Nr. 2
System: PowerBrickLV, Axes 1-4 5/15A, Axes 5-8 1/3A

While setting up my PMAC for the control of drives on our machine I could not get anything on Channel Nr.2 to run. I wanted to run a 2-Phase stepper motor from oriental motors, with 0.9°/full step. It ran as desired on Channel nr. 4. So to eliminate possible programming errors I just copied the working code to Channel Nr. 2 replacing the variables accordingly. But the Motor just turns hot after a while.

Is there a mistake I could have made?
How do I know if the channel is broken?
Have you made sure that amplifier channel is in two phase mode by setting BrickLV.Chan[3].TwoPhaseMode=1 before allowing the Power On Reset PLC to run?
Yes - that is set to 1.
BrickLV.Chan[1].TwoPhaseMode = 1 ; //For Motor[2]
I wrote Channel Nr. 2, maybe a little confusing.
Update - I was able to get a Brushless to run on that channel from another Project-file. I don't know what to make of it. I'll search for errors related to PowerBrick[0].Chan[1] in the Project having the trouble. I'll try to get a single stepper to run in another Project-file now as well. Any hints to typical mistakes are welcome
Update - The Stepper in a separate Project-File runs on Gate3[0].Chan[2] but not on Gate3[0].Chan[1].
Just like I wrote in my inital Post. One more strange fact is that the Motor does still holds its position after I have killed
it, so it is still powered. I can provide the Files if someone wants to look into them.
Update - When I kill the Stepper on Channel two it still has a holding force. Strangely I can not measure any Voltage on the either phases. I can only measure 0.12mV between phase 1Out and phase 2In. However I can not measure any current apart from negligible 0.3uA.
When I plut the Stepper in, it gets locked to a phase again. I also thought of maybe having written a value to a IO register when I experimented with the Analog I/O Output but that should have been set back to the default on any PowerOnReset and when I checked the registers I coudln't find any errors
Update - As I had time to look at the problem again I got another Stepper to run on Gate3[0].Chan[1]. So It must've been some hardware Problem on the motor side. Unfortunately I can't recosnstruct exactly which connectors and motor I ran there but either way it rules out the pmac.

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