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basic question about motion program
I am using POWER UMAC to control stepper motor,i just learn this controller for not too long.Based on the file,i use PFM signal,here is my configure:

Gate1[6].Chan[0].OutputMode=3 //CH1A and CH1B ouputs will be DAC and CH1C output will be PFM
Gate1[6].Chan[1].OutputMode=3 //CH2A and CH2B ouputs will be DAC and CH2C output will be PFM
Gate1[6].Chan[2].OutputMode=3 //CH3A and CH3B ouputs will be DAC and CH3C output will be PFM
Gate1[6].Chan[3].OutputMode=3 //CH4A and CH4B ouputs will be DAC and CH4C output will be PFM

Gate1[6].Chan[0].EncCtrl = 8 //Simulated feedback for channel 1
Gate1[6].Chan[1].EncCtrl = 8 //Simulated feedback for channel 2
Gate1[6].Chan[2].EncCtrl = 8 //Simulated feedback for channel 3
Gate1[6].Chan[3].EncCtrl = 8 //Simulated feedback for channel 4

Motor[1].pDac=Acc24E2S[6].Chan[0].Pwm[2].a //Command output to CH1A address (default address + 2) for Stepper
Motor[2].pDac=Acc24E2S[6].Chan[1].Pwm[2].a //Command output to CH2A address (default address + 2) for Stepper
Motor[3].pDac=Acc24E2S[6].Chan[2].Pwm[2].a //Command output to CH3C address (default address + 2) for Stepper
Motor[4].pDac=Acc24E2S[6].Chan[3].Pwm[2].a //Command output to CH4C address (default address + 2) for Stepper

By this configuration, the controller can output PFM signal,I just need the controller to finish an easy move,so I didn't use encoder,so i put .EncCtrl = 8.Now before i run the motion program,should i must use encoder and close the loop?or i still don't need to use encoder and just close the loop is fine.Sorry about my poor english, i am just a begginer,so my question maybe stupid,but i still looking for some help,thanks
There are several other settings needed for a functional “open loop stepper” motor. Please contact the ODT Technical Support Group at for further assistance.

Note that there is a complete description of open loop stepper setup in the Power PMAC Users Manual.

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