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Resuming program execution following jog
I have an application where a motion program is primarily executing in incremental mode. It is desired to have the ability to program a stop condition, jog the axes to a new location, and then resume program execution on the next line/block. (Not jog back to the previous programmed position before continuing.) I'm using the 'pause' command to stop execution, then jogging to a new location, and issuing a 'pmatch' command prior to attempting to resume execution with the 'run' command. This causes an 'error#46 COORD JOGGED OUT OF POSITION'. Lookahead is active.
Any suggestions as to how to implement this functionality properly?

I think the best way to accomplish this is to set up virtual motors to execute the jog commands, then use these motor's positions as the masters for your real motors. You will want to put your real motors in offset following mode (Motor[x].MasterCtrl=3) so that the next programmed move does not try to take out what the jog offset put in.

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