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Visual Studio Help
After I installed the Power PMAC, my Help search of Visual Studio was changed to search under Power PMAC only. It does not search for other regular helps, such as C++. Any suggestion?
I would think you should just select unfiltered in the help window's filter by pull down box.
I tried. "Power PMAC Help" is the only option under the "Filtered by:" pull-down menu. I tried both "(unfiltered)" and "Power PMAC Help". Both options searched only under the "Power PMAC Help" content. Does the "Power PMAC Installer" changed the setting?
We use the Microsoft method of adding help. We have an .xsd file and then the first time you open help after the IDE is installed Microsoft will compile our help file into the help system they have installed. This is why the first time you look at help after installing the IDE it reports the "please wait while updating help" window and takes so long. I have a rather slow laptop with help from VS2008 so it took at least 10 minutes on my system for the update. Now in add remove programs the MSDN Library for VS 2008 is more than 2GB.

How large is yours?
How long did yours take to update?

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