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Relative Jogging with j^* with a CamTable applied
I am experiencing a weird issue, not sure if it is a bug or not.

I am currently using a CamTable to apply a constant offset to to one of my axes. I am using CamTable[0].PosBias to adjust the position "on the fly" and I am using CamTable[0].SlewPosOffset = 0.1 as the slew rate.

See this thread for more details on how I set this up:

However if the PosBias is non 0 then incremental jogging does not work at all as expected.

Lets say the PosBias is set to 200
If I call "j^*" with a ProgJogPos set to 100 then I end up moving +300 motor units
If I call "j^*" with a ProgJogPos set to -100 then I end up moving +100 motor units

It appears the PosBias value is being added to the jog before it is executed. Is this the expected behavior?

j^* is supposed to move from the "actual" position, so I would not expect this to happen. Is there any workarounds to get my desired behavior?
While the intent of the “PosBias” element for CamTables was not for "on the fly" use (but for initialization), you can do this. I might suspect an interaction of the “slew rate” with the jog move. I would need to know more about how “PosBias” is being changed. This is probably better handled as a technical support issue. Contact me at with details on how you implement the "on the fly" use.

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