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Motor not working properly
I have fresh power PMAC controller
1.when i'm start first time motor(#1j+/#1j-) is working fine.
2.when i use some unwanted command on motor that time PWR LED is off and motor not working . And error showing Motor not active ( then i check in troubleshooting why motor is not running there shows motor[x].ServoCtrl is wrong value set but these value set automatically then i correct this error and once again write the command #1j+/#1j- that time i get the motor[x].FeFatal error how to resolve this issue ? i need to how to run motor continues ?

4.see below program

// &1 // Address C.S. 1
// #1->1000X // Motor 1 assigned to X-axis, 1000 counts/unit
// Motion program code
open prog 1 // Open buffer for entry
linear; // Linear interpolation move mode
abs; // Absolute move mode
ta500; // 1/2-second accel/decel time
ts0; // No S-curve accel/decel time
f5; // Speed of 5 axis units per time unit
X10; // Move X-axis to position of 10 units
dwell500; // Sit here for 1/2-second
X0; // Move X-axis to position of 0 units
dwell500; // Sit here for 1/2-second
close // Close buffer, end program entry

how to run above motion program code
The code between "open prog 1" and "close" is the contents of motion program 1. To run it, put every motor in the intended coordinate system into closed loop and then use either "&1B1R" or "START 1:1" in the terminal.

It looks like you only have motor 1 in coordinate system 1. You can put this motor in closed loop with "#1J/" or "&1 Enable", before starting the motion program.

PMAC has a maximum following error specified by Motor[x].FatalFeLimit (in motor units). When this following error is exceeded, the motor is killed (as it is so far out of position it may not be safe). It may be that your encoder has resolution so high that the default of 2,000 is not enough for normal operation, or they may be something wrong with the motor setup preventing it from entering closed loop.

I am a bit confused as to how your Motor[x].ServoCtrl was set incorrectly after successfully jogging the motor. Could you have changed the value in the terminal or restarted without issuing a save command?
(05-14-2018, 11:10 PM)sushant.dighe Wrote: Thanks Eric for replay my post
i think yes by mistake i have changed the value in the terminal or restarted without a save command.
and if i remove the Motor[x].fatalfe error and jog the motor only one cycle run the motor and again get the Motor[x].fatalfe error.

one more think how to jog Digital motor ?
how to tuning that please help us ..
Look at the reported following error in the Following Error window when jogging. If you do not have that window open, it can be opened by right-clicking on the Position Window and selecting Following Error for Type.

Set Motor[x].FatalFeLimit to a value greater than seen in the window, at least if it is an acceptable value.

Better tuning might be what is needed to reduce the following error. I attached a tuning guide. Also, there are tuning guide videos on the website in the Video Center, from under the RESOURCES tab. Select "Traning/Tutorials".

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