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servomotor controller with external components

i need to know if is posible controller a servomotor with external components over ethercat.

I have the following diagram of controll.

Pmac Clippsee with ACC-24S3 expansion board
Ethercat coupler NX-ECC203 (Omron)
Analog output module+-10Vdc (NX-DA2605)|| encoder input module (NX-EC0132)

so i want controller the servo with internal PID (advanced) like a motor #9.

i think that is posible create a "ghost" motor and put the encoder feedback and the analog output.

any experience or help is welcome.

This would be possible if the NX coupler has the latest firmware supporting Distributed Clocks. Once the PDOs are mapped for the analog outputs, encoder feedback and I/O for amplifier enable and amplifier fault, you can setup the motor something like this (assuming default settings):
EncTable[i].pEnc=ECAT[i].IO[i].Data.a //PDO mapped to encoder feedback
Motor[x].pEnc = EncTable[i].a
Motor[x].pEnc2 = EncTable[i].a
Motor[x].pDac = ECAT[i].IO[j].Data.a //PDO mapped to analog outputs
Motor[x].pAmpFault = ECAT[i].IO[j].Data.a //PDO mapped to input for amplifier fault
Motor[x].AmpFaultBit = {n} //bit position for amplifier fault
Motor[x].pAmpEnable = ECAT[0].IO[25].Data.a //PDO mapped to output for amplifier enable
Motor[x].AmpEnableBit = {n} //bit position for amplifier enable

Tune the motor appropriately for the drive type.

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