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Rollover mode

I am trying to implement a "rollover" mode for my rotation table. I am doing the following:
#6->CC 'rotation table

Coord[1].FeedTime = 1000
Coord[1].PosRollover[5] = 360

All motors are homed and I make jog, rel, abs moves. I don't see that position of CC
is running between 0-360 degrees. It is continuously grows up in + or - direction.
What I am doing wrong? Please, advise.

I am using PPmac IDE v., firmware -, CPU:PowerPC, 460EX, Type: UMAC
Reported motor and axis position is not affected by rollover. (To obtain position information “rolled over” to within one revolution, use the modulo (remainder) operator, either in Power PMAC or in the host computer.)
Then, how can I implement a hardware reset of axis position every 360 degrees? There is a sensor and it gets signaled every 360 degrees. At this moment I have to reset axis position to 0. Thank you in advance.
Can you explain why you would need to do that? Like Steve said, you can just use modulo to calculate the angle within 360 degrees.

If you mean you need a hardware output pulse every 360 degrees, you could set up position compare and use the EQU pins.

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