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How to generate an interrupt to the Ethernet controller to use the interrupt socket?

I want to make practical use of the "PMAC Interrupt Packet" mechanism as described in the "Turbo PMAC Ethernet Protocol.pdf" manual (application note).

I am using a TurboClipper board for software development and testing, while our production machines are using Brick controllers.
Although we don't have the MODBUS option (since we don't use MODBUS), I successfully created an interrupt socket using I67.

i67_ModbusTcpBufferStartAddress=$10700 ; Start address socket setup buffer

WL:$10700,$100000000000 ; Enable socket 0 for TCP ascii
WL:$10703,$200000000000 ; Enable socket 1 for interrupt
WL:$10706,$100000000000 ; Enable socket 2 for TCP ascii
WL:$10709,$100000000000 ; Enable socket 3 for TCP ascii

In my host application, I can open the additional interrupt socket on port 1026, and can send an VR_PMAC_INTRSTRING message to the normal port 1025 (with the "P0..10" example).
If I don't setup the interrupt socket with I67, I can't open the socket on port 1026, so the whole mechanism with the interrupt socket seems to work (although we don't have the MODBUS option).

However, the manual does not describe how to active or trigger an interrupt to the Ethernet controller, and I don't receive any data on the interrupt socket.
The manual only describes it as "an interrupt generated to the Ethernet microcontroller from the PMAC motion controller", and "Background PLC writes via a M-variable pointer to cause an interrupt to the Ethernet processor".

Therefore I have 2 questions:

- can anyone clarify how to generate an interrupt to the on-board Ethernet controller on a TurboClipper board and Brick controller?
- or is the MODBUS option really required to make use of the interrupt socket?

Thanks and regards,

I don't believe these "VR" functions exist on current firmware. Only those described in the "UMAC Turbo CPU" manual are current:

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