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Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE) and CK3E
Hello all !

Does anyone know if the CK3E supports EoE ?
I've found no mention of it on Ck3E documentations. However, this unit has Acontis-based EtherCAT which is supposed to supports all mailbox protocols, including EoE. EC-Engineer seems to allow the activation of EoE on drives, but I couldn't find any way to enable the virtual switch on the Master (here the CK3E).

Unfortunately, I am using new drives having only one Ethernet port, which means I absolutely need to activate EoE in order to have online status information.

Thanks in advance !
We do not support EoE.

I know we can use our normal EtherCAT drives (using CoE) in a star configuration. This allows a network switch to branch out the EtherCAT network. You might look into whether this is a possibility.
Is EoE capability on the roadmap for the IDE (or is it somehow possible to do already)?
It would be extremely helpful when doing remote diagnostics and startups.

I'm looking to be able to use it with CK3E/CK3M and Yaskawa Sigma7 Ethercat drives
or Copley Ethercat drives.

Since Acontis already supports EoE, I would think it should be relatively straight forward to add
like the IDE added FoE a couple releases back...
I haven't tried it, but I imagine it might be possible to do what you want with a Beckhoff EK1100 and EL6601 Ethernet terminal in the chain. I know it works under TwinCAT, and if Acontis provides the necessary mailbox bandwidth for EoE, then maybe the CK3E would be agnostic and "just work".
'Worth a try.

I agree this is a huge time-saver when working properly.

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