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Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE) and CK3E
Hello all !

Does anyone know if the CK3E supports EoE ?
I've found no mention of it on Ck3E documentations. However, this unit has Acontis-based EtherCAT which is supposed to supports all mailbox protocols, including EoE. EC-Engineer seems to allow the activation of EoE on drives, but I couldn't find any way to enable the virtual switch on the Master (here the CK3E).

Unfortunately, I am using new drives having only one Ethernet port, which means I absolutely need to activate EoE in order to have online status information.

Thanks in advance !
We do not support EoE.

I know we can use our normal EtherCAT drives (using CoE) in a star configuration. This allows a network switch to branch out the EtherCAT network. You might look into whether this is a possibility.

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