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Cyclic error
I am commissioning a new system which is exhibiting a slight cyclic error...easily observable by running at a constant velocity. (see plot)

Drive: Ingenia Neputune (EtherCAT)
1Khz Cycle freq.

The disturbance is occurs at a very regular 9.1 seconds. So, I suspect beat frequencies. How can I determine if this is related to distributed clocks not working properly on the slave ??

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If this is in Cyclic Position Mode I would suspect this to be a drive issue or possibly incorrect distributed clock settings.
If you are not already, I suggest setting your drive to torque mode and letting the CK3E govern the control loop. It will likely be much easier to troubleshoot that way as you would then not have any of the drive's gains polluting your servo effort.

I also remember in the past that there was a way to check if the distributed clocks were working by monitoring ECAT[n].DCClockDiff - see attached from the IDE manual, page 67. I am not sure if this still applies, however.

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Thanks, Charles. 'Problem was indeed a missing distributed clocks setting. Using the diagnostics you suggested (ECAT[0].DCClockDiff) made it obvious. Re-ran the EC Engineer setup, and now all is smooth.

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