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HI Sir

My ACC-84E connect to a Tamagawa encoder,it has the resolution of 17 bits per revolution and the multi-turn counting of 16 bits.

How can I set Global Control register and Ch Control register like SSI or Yaskawa.

I did not find the setup instructions in the ACC-84 manual.

This is described on pages 19 and 23 of the most recent version of the ACC-84E manual:
I set the PMAC parameters according to the 84E manual, but the PMAC could not read the position data from the Tamagawa encoder. According to Tamagawa's manual, it is necessary to send an ENABLE signal to the encoder before reading the position data, so I want to know how 84E sends this signal?
This is done in hardware.

It is part of the wiring scheme as described in the ACC-84E manual for Tamagawa wiring - see page 12.

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