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Open Loop Mode inPPMAC
In the Turbo PMAC the On-Line command for open loop mode was
#1o0 for zero torque
#1o50 for 50% torque
#1o100 for 100% torque
in a PLC the code would be

What is the command(s) for open loop mode in PPMAC (on-Line and in a PLC)?

Also the max allowable torque was at register Ixx69, Output Command Limit/Scale, (0-32,767). What is the PPMAC equivalent?

In the Turbo and you were in open loop mode you could changed the open loop magnitude via suggested M-Var xx79 (a value of 0-32,767 resulted in 0-100% torque). How is this accomplished in the PPMAC?

Finally, what is the best variable to monitor if you are in open loop mode, int he Turbo it was suggested M-Var Mxx38?
For the online command, all you have to do is type the whole word "out"

The in program version of the command would be:
Cout 1:50
see page 1238 of the October 2017 Software Reference Manual:

You can still use command quotes:
cmd "#1out50"

Max allowable torque is in Motor[x].MaxDac, which can still be addressed as ixx69 just like most other legacy I-Variables.

I'm not sure which variable you are looking for with Ixx79.
For a brushed motor, you would bias the DAC output with Motor[x].DacBias.
For a brushless motor, you would bias the ADCs with Motor[x].IaBias and Motor[x].IbBias.
Motor[x].IbBias is the one that translates directly to Ixx79.

For open loop, it looks like we traded that status bit for the closed loop status bit:
For motor status bits in general, open up the status window, click the motor tab, choose the status bit you need and put Motor[x]. in front.

I have a feeling you will also find addressing multiple motors helpful:

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