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ACC72EX communication error
There is a question about ACC72EX.

System :UMAC Turbo (non-Power PMAC)
* The master side: "RJ71DN91" (Mitsubishi IQ-R series)
* The slave side: "ACC72EX"

I installed setting of ACC72EX in Hilscher software (
Next the master side and the slave side were connected by a cable.
Moreover a power supply was also supplied to the master side and the slave side.

The abnormality was confirmed like attachment picture 1 by a diagnostic program of Hilscher software.
A data base doesn't seem to exist in the cause.

To settle this problem.
When connecting with "RJ71DN91", do I have to do some new software updates?

Attached Files Image(s)
Did you go thru the Software Setup section in the ACC-72EX manual? Additional DeviceNet setup info can be useful or needed from a Hilscher manual.

In Sycon.Net, you will need to load the EDS file for the Mitsubishi master.

And in the Mitsubishi master (using their setup software), you will need to load the Hilscher slave EDS file.
Thank you very much for your answer.
I worked while seeing a manual.
netX Configuration Tool was installed in a PC and the setting was confirmed.
MAC ID wasn't assumed "1". (It was "2".)
After correcting the price, it was downloaded.
You could communicate now with empty normality after that.

Thank you very much.

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