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ACC-65E - 5V
The manual for the ACC-65E states that the outputs work for 12-24 volts. I looked up the diode that the card uses as the output driver (ZXMS6006DG ) and its spec sheet states it works from 0-60 Volts. Is there any reason why if I put 5V on the +24V terminals that the outputs wouldn't work as 5V outputs?
I couldn't find the spec indicating a minimum for the drain-source voltage, just the 60 volt max; however, I was able to switch on and off 5 volts with a test setup. I used a variable power supply. Note that when I tried to go below 5 volts, it worked somewhat sporadically. It seemed to have trouble with only as low as 4.8 volts, although at times worked with about 1.5 volts, which makes the output LED very dim. And note that Delta Tau only supports 12-24 volts. That being said, I think that a strong 5 volt supply should work fine.

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