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Position Compare with PFM Following Direct Micro-stepping

I am using direct microstepping on #1 of a GeoBrick LV and wish to use the position compare functionality as a trigger of sorts (in this case step as there is no encoder). I setup #5 as a virtual motor following the instructions for PFM so that I could use the position compare on #5 when it is following #1. The problem I am currently having is that #5 lags significantly behind #1 at higher speeds. I tried setting program acceleration and velocity to high values, the s-curve and accl-times to very small values for #5, and upped the PFM frequency, but I see no change in the amount of following error. Is there any other way to make #5 more synchronized with #1?

Thanks for your help,

Can you jog #5 at the desired speed? If not what is the speed you get with #5O50 for example?
What settings did you use for motor #5 (including Gate settings)?
You should be able to set up a virtual PFM motor to run much faster than an actual motor. The driving clocks are PFM and encoder sampling frequency.

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