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Compiling Fortran on PPC
I am interested if anyone has compiled Fortran for the PowerPC (specifically the 460EX). Are there executables and libraries available for doing this from DT? I have a developer that has Fortran source that I'd like to run in user space.
could try a fortran to c converter. After the millennial problem they should be very mature.
I haven't seen fortran on a PMAC before, but it looks like it just boils down to installing and using a linux package. Take a look at our network time app note for a description of how to install packages on a PMAC.

And remember to take an image of your PMAC before you try.
I am the developer "zros" is referring to.

The DT IDE uses the cygwin cross compilers to make powerpc object files from c and c++ source files (I am using them without problem). I am trying to compile openBlas library for powerpc (FORTRAN source).

Is it possible to get a fortran cross compiler for cygwin used in DT IDE?
As you noticed we only have cross compilers for c and c++. Unfortunately we will not make a cross compiler for Fortran, you can compile your code on the Power PMAC once you get the Fortran compiler and libraries installed.
Just to be clear, if you decide to go the route of installing a linux package, that is not something we support and there are risks involved. I wouldn't attempt it unless you know linux well and make an image first.

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