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Changing Microstepping
Hello everyone,

As I know, the microstepping of PowerBrcik LV is 1/512. It means for a standard stepper motor 1.8 deg (200 steps/rev), we get 102400 microsteps/rev.

I would like to ask if we can change this parameter. For example, I want to change to 1/50 so that I can get 10000 microsteps/rev.

Can someone help me. Many thanks

I don't see that you would get any benefit from reducing your microstepping resolution by a factor of 10.

Whatever the commanded phase angle is each servo cycle, PMAC uses the closest entry in the 2048-entry sine table to calculate the phase currents.

This table resolution is high enough that even if the table entry selected does not represent the exact mathematical phase angle desired, the error is small enough compared to the electromagnetic and mechanical imperfections of the motor and its load that this error can be ignored.

I do not believe it is possible to do quite that, as I'm fairly sure all of the related parameters (namely, the 2048-entry sine table that Curt mentioned) are fixed. I do not know if it would accomplish your goal, but setting Motor[x].PosSf and Motor[x].Pos2Sf = 512/50 would change the motor units to be 10,000 units/rev. All of the setup parameters would be left alone (as PMAC wouldn't change the actual resolution), but your motor would need to be retuned.

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