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How should a program that changes a target position during moving?
hello everyone:
I would like to use pmac to develop three motion axes according to a sensor to determine the next movement of the target position, which requires an initial target, according to the sensor dynamic changes adjust the movement of the target, how to achieve this? Who has a good idea to share with me, thanks!
Difficult to understand your application description.
Are you saying that you are moving a target in 3 dimensions to track position information from a sensor?
If so,
- what type of sensor
- bandwidth of sensor
* update frequency
* lag time of measurement
- how much position lag is permissible
- what is the bandwidth of the device that the sensor is tracking

Or maybe my interpretation of your question is wrong.
thanks your answer!!!
Sorry, maybe my description is a bit of a problem, my application is through the sensor in the object surface changes in three directions to determine the next moving target, similar to an unknown search movement, which need to move in the non-stop change the target location
Usually these applications are done with a simple looping structure in the motion program. Each time through the loop, a new intermediate destination position is computed for each axis and a short move to this intermediate destination is commanded. It would look something like this:

X(Xdest) Y(Ydest) Z(Zdest)

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