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Enclosure for Turbo Clipper
We are possibly have an enclosure custom-built for the Turbo Clipper. A similar thread exists for Power Clipper but we have not yet moved on from the Turbo series. Does Delta Tau sell the IMAC or anything similar in the US at this point?

I'm also looking to find out what the end-of-life for Turbo Clipper will be. If we design an enclosure I'd like to find out if it would be worth the retooling time needed to switch to Power Clipper now or continue using Turbo Clipper. What is the general price comparison between Turbo and Power Clipper?
No, ODT does not offer any enclosure in the US. The IMAC and other international ones are going away. Soon (Q2 2018) to be replaced by a new Power PMAC based product.
End of life of Turbo is around 2023, possibly 2025 depending on obsolescence. I strongly encourage moving to Power Clipper, and NOT offer Turbo for any new applications.
Pricing is outside of the forum scope. Please, refer to the local distributor or Omron US (OEI) Sales.

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