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encoder position and motor position converted
hello everyone:
If the No. 1 axis calls # 1hmz, how will the encoder position and motor position be converted?
Encoder position is not affected; it is always in reference to power on or reset position.

Motor position is set to 0 unless using an absolute encoder in which case it is set to the current encoder position.
Thanks for your answer,When HMZ is called, if the call triggers the latch, how does the latch change into the encoder location?
The HMZ command causes no hardware functions. It simply changes the value of the motor commanded software position register (suggested Mxx61) to zero, and the value of the motor actual software position register (suggested Mxx62) to (CommandPos - FollowingError).

As Greg said, it does nothing to the hardware encoder position registers (like Mxx01) in the ASIC.

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