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Clear the Home Complete bit
If you want to clear the Motor[5].HomeComplete bit then just send the command sequence #5HmJ/ or #5HmK depending if the motor's final state should be open or closed loop.
On brushless motors I get the message "MOTOR NOT PHASED"... that true ... PhaseFound==0 ... but how do I clear the HomeComplete bit ? i have to set PhaseFound to 1 ? Or do you have another solution ?
Thank you
For a brushless motor commutated by PMAC, at power-on/reset, Motor[x].PhaseFound and Motor[x].HomeComplete are automatically set to 0.

To set the PhaseFound bit to 1, you must execute a successful phase referencing operation, either a phasing search move, or a read of an absolute sensor.

The PhaseFound bit must equal 1 in order to be able to close the loop for such a motor. And if you can't close the loop, you can't start a homing search move. That is why you see the error reported.

So the typical startup procedure for such a motor is to first perform a phasing reference, then a homing search move.

The original post had to do with the very unusual case where a homing search move had already been performed successfully, resulting in the HomeComplete bit being set to 1. (For a brushless motor commutated by PMAC, PhaseFound must be 1 in this case.) Then for some reason, the user wants to clear this bit.

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