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ACC 84 E with UMAC
Dear Sir,

We are using ACC 84 E with Turbo UMAC.
In the RACK we have only 2 Accessories 1. ACC 24E2A & ACC 84 E.

Switch Setting on ACC 84 E is Sw1 ON/ 2,3,4, OFF and encoder connected to Channel 1
So the address is $78d00.

We are using 22 Bit SSI GERY code Single turn encoder.
Encoder Voltage is 24 V.
24 V is connected to encoder directly.
24vGnd is connected to GND of encoder & Pin no 5 of D connector.

As per manual we have done the following settings with Technique 3 ( as encoder is Greater than 19 bit)
In encoder conversion table we have done following entries.

Entry 5
Conversion Type -> Parallel position from Y word with no filtering.
Source Add-> $78D00
Witdth in Bits-> 22
Offset - > 0
Normal shifting.

We have assigned $3506 to I103 & I104
As per manual we have set i108=1 and i109=1.

But we are not getting any feedback.

This encoder works with ACC 53E.
According to the ACC-84E manual, Y:$78D00 is 1 Off, all else on. Are you sure you don't have this backwards?

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