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What is "ggerpp_enum.txt" and why can't it load?

I've come across a download issue for a Power PMAC project. This project is being built for a dual core CPU PMAC.

CPU Type: PowerPC,APM86xxx
Kernel Version 3.2.21-powerpmacsmp
Firmware Version:
IDE version:

Error: loading File: "ggerpp_enum.txt"

Question: What exactly is this file and why can't it be loaded? When this project is built for a single core CPU PMAC, no error occurs.

I encountered this too. Fixed it by making a new project and importing all the old project files through Add Existing.
Got a similar problem, but was a different filename. Got the following error:
Error: loading File: "lesspp_enum.txt"

After having gone through the project, it seems that the error came from too long names in the subprogram. In my case I had used the following:
'open subprog lib_mtrsetup_02_mtr_02_servobrushless';

after I changed the name to 'lib_mtrsetup_02_mtr_02_brushless', the error went away.

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