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How to recover a corrupted/erased Kernel EEPROM in CK3E?

I Wonder how to recover CK3E

Here is a similar article about Power PMAC(Power Umac Cpu 460 & 465)
( ---> tid=1081&highlight=Kernel+EEPROM+in

However, there is nothing about CK3E.

Thank you~xD
plz.........I have the same problem....
The CK3E does not have this feature.

Please contact to help debug your issues.
Is the absence of this feature/console port where we can type commands like on the PowerClipper and interact with u-Boot... why all the CK3E firmware files have been pulled from filedepot so nobody can accidentally brick their units attempting to upgrade firmware themselves when there is no capability for us to self-reflash bootcode?

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