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Use of Delta Tau PHMI ActiveX in non-VBA environment
Hello all!

How queries of Delta Tau PHMI ActiveX (DQuery, DButtons, DTextDisplays, DLamps etc.) can be used for example in Visual Basic 6.0?

When I use them inside PHMI, I point for string property <Query> text like "Devices.Pmac1.m1" if I want to get value of m1 variable.
This is because PHMI has object "Pmac1" in parent section "Devices".

In VB6 I declare "Public Pmac1 As PmacDevice".
Is it a way to send a query to this <Pmac1> using DQuery (DButtons, DTextDisplays, DLamps) ActiveX and how to build text query in the right manner?

Thank you!
The PHMI product is VBA only.

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