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Are 'uint64_t' and 'int64_t' datatypes supported by the PMAC IDE compiler?

I've been running into various issues regarding 'uint64_t' and 'int64_t' data types. Specifically, functions that use these datatypes to pass data (either as arguments or return values) don't appear to function properly. I've also run into issues in the past where casting a uint64_t to a double simply does not work.

The PMAC IDE seems to compile these just fine with no errors, however the code doesn't seem to execute as expected.

So my question: does the PMAC IDE compiler officially support uint64_t and int64_t data types?

If it doesn't, that would explain the problems I've been experiencing. If it does, I can further provide code samples that illustrate the issues.

These are not supported. I have verified with the firmware engineers.

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