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the issue for Heat dissipation of UMAC
I used ACC-24E2S in project, in open loop control mode, when umac work for a period of time and the temperature of UMAC rising highly, it will caused the one of axis lost control and moving. it is dangerous.. is there any solution to solve ?
and i also used ACC-24E2A before, it also occured error because of temperature. the following error occured and stop immediately as close-loop control.
frankly speaking, it is disappointed for its heat dissipation although its function and other performance is nice.
what is the environment temperature for this Acc24S?
the spec for Acc24E2S to work properly is between 0C to 45C.
if the Acc24E2S is not working within this range of temperature, then we might have to take those cards back and check them.
However, you should provide good air flow for UMAC to make sure that the temperature is within this range.
extra question: How old is your UMAC rack, and does it have a Acc65E in the rack, too ?
(03-10-2017, 01:27 PM)JayL Wrote: extra question: How old is your UMAC rack, and does it have a Acc65E in the rack, too ?
the issue occured on the both UMAC rack which color is silver or black,and there is no ACC-65E on the rack. The environment temperature make sure within 0-45, but the UMAC itself maybe exceed the limition because of its bad heat dissipation.
I want to know whether the ACC-24E2S is suitable working on the close-loop mode? at least it will stop beacuse of following error, not like in open-loop mode,lost control. i change the I7mn0=3 or 7,and optimise the PID parameter,it is difficult to go to a steady state, the feedback encorder value alway shake in stop.
Closed-loop mode is not related to which axis card you use.
All the axis card can do closed-loop.
As for stepper motor with encoder, it will usually vibrate when holding position because the encoder counts usually does not match step numbers in one revolution.
we suggest that you increase your in-position band, Ixx28. It might help.
I would think you are already using closed-loop mode because you mentioned I7mn0 = 3 or 7.
However, with stepper motors, we recommend to use internal step feedback, and encoder is just for position verifying.

We would like to know about this UMAC rack, such as how many slots, what cards are in this rack, etc.
Also, we would like to know the failure because if Acc24E2S is overheating, it should not output anything, and we rarely see this kind of failure with Acc24E2S.
A: Actually, i use ACC24E2S to contorl Servo Motor in Open loop mode, i Optimise PID parameter again and the feedback value doesn't vibrate.
The UMAC rack is ACC-R2,12 slots , 2 pcs ACC24E2S ,2 pcs ACC11E totally. the four modules is fixed one by one at the begining, and i changed their slot and remove all the covers of the blank slot after issue occured to improve heat dissipation conditions. I have monitored for a few days, not occured again.but it is not satisfactory to release to market as a product.

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