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saving user variables
Is there a better way to save normal user variables other than either adding them to the pp_custom_save.tpl or going into the ppmac, uploading the pp_save.tpl, modifying it, and downloading it? Sina posted directions to upload the pp_save.tpl from the IDE a couple of years ago, but it no longer seems to work.

Do you mean save the values of certain variables?

Check out fsave/fload on page 1055 / 1489 of the PPMAC SRM or FastSave() if you want to do it through C. Reckon you can check FastSave() through the F1 Help menu in the IDE.

I also posted a totally custom fsave function a couple years ago on the Forum, but it's better to go with the "factory-approved" method now that it exists.
The correct method is to use "pp_custom_save.cfg/.tpl". The "pp_save.cfg/.tpl" really should not be modified as it is fixed to the version of firmware.
(02-06-2017, 12:14 PM)Clopedandle Wrote: Do you mean save the values of certain variables?

Yes. I know about fsave, and have told him how to use that, but the client would like it if when he does a 'save' during development he also has a list of user variables saved. Is there any way to set it up so that the 'save' command automatically executes the pp_custom_save.tpl as well as the pp_save.tpl?


The function of "pp_custom_save.tpl " is also executed on a "save" command.

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