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Power Clipper's multiplexed port protocol datasheet
Good day.

I have Power Clipper and I need to use multiplexed port. I have some design constraints and I can not use the standard ACCs. Where an I find the detalied information about JTHW port?
JTHW can be set up as general purpose TTL I/O as described on page 51 in the Clipper User manual.
Or, are you wanting to design your own I/O device utilizing the multiplex feature?
The multiplexed I/O function of this port is an internal feature designed for our multiplexed I/O products only. We do not have any documentation for third party use.
I need a device whose dimensions do not exceed 190x110 mm with 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Is it real?
You should be able to find something suitable that uses the 5 volt TTL I/O on either the JTHW or JIO port. For example, there is the Phoenix Contact PLC-OSC-24DC/300DC/1 relay. 32 of those should measure 198.4 x 86 mm (almost). I suggest checking with a vendor like that. Also, you could use a Modbus or Ethercat I/O device.
Thank you. I'll try

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