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Acc72E profibus input channel issue
I am using an Acc72E profibus card - 603777-103 to communicate the Power PMAC rack to the master cell PLC. I am having an issue with multiple cards where the input bytes are maxing at 255. I can disconnect the master PLC and profibus cable but the 72E card input/output values are still moving. I load the sycon configuration for our equipment but that has little to no effect. Out of seven cards, I have three that work.

Below is an example of what I am using to test in a plc to confirm if the card is working properly.

Acc72E[2].Output2[0] = OutputByte0;
Acc72E[2].Output2[1] = OutputByte1;
Acc72E[2].Output2[2] = OutputByte2;
Acc72E[2].Output2[3] = OutputByte3;

InputByte0 = Acc72E[2].Input2[0];
InputByte1 = Acc72E[2].Input2[1];
InputByte2 = Acc72E[2].Input2[2];
InputByte3 = Acc72E[2].Input2[3];

If there are any settings or suggestions for this issue I would greatly appreciate it. I have all cards on hand and am able to perform tests quickly.
This would be better addressed as a technical support issue. Please email our technical support group with the hardware description and settings for the cards:

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