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Power PMAC Suite - Build/Compile to Long??
I'm a new user to the Power PMAC Suite and fairly new to Delta Tau in general. I'm in the process of learning the DEV environment while writing an User-Written Servo routine. Progress has been slow.

One of the items that has been somewhat frustrating, is that Builds/Compiles take a long time (we are taking go eat your lunch and come back). Once I select the build button, the suite starts the build process, but then goes to (Not Responding). The first few times this happened, I though that the application was hang, but after letting it set, I realized that's it's just taking a long time.

I've just started coding, so the code that I'm building is relatively small.

I've tried...
Rebooting my PC
Rebuilding the project from scratch
Builds with No Device vs Builds while connect to a Device

Nothing has made a difference

Is there something wrong with my installation?
Is there a configuration setting that I could consider that would optimize the build process?

What do you recommend?

Thanks for you help!

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