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kinematics with NC pro2
I would like to turn tool tip type programming on and off
in a part program. When the NC is launched it sets the motor scaling.
Of course to use kinematics the motors are set to I (#1->I)
Is there a suggested method to switch in and out of kinematic when running
the NC pro2 software?
Unfortunately I don't get on here enough or I could have easily directed you on this. I use a PLC dedicated to switching between Kinematic(I)/Tool Point vs Joint Mode(XYZAB) which works very well. Another note on tool point in NCPro2 is you must use G43.1 H# and then add/subtract offset in the kinematics routine. The G43 H# will manipulate the parsed positions based on the offsets which if you are not aware of this it will drive you nuts trying to find out why it works testing directly in Pmac, but not from NcPro2.

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