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Stepper control using PCI-PMAC & Acc8D-Opt 2A on WinXP

I have a XYZ table that uses brushed motors that is working nicely, but I want to add another (rotary, stepper motor) axis and I need help setting it up.

I believe I have all the right hardware, which consists of:
- NEMA 23HD450Y-31A6 stepper motor
- Single Axis 4A TB6600 Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver
- Meanwell S-50-12 12v power supply
- Accessory 8D breakout board with Option 2A V-F converter
- 8-axis PMAC-PCI v105B
- PEWin32Pro2 v4.4.0.0 running on Windows XP

At present the terminal says "Communication Established to PMAC-0" but I am unsure what parameters to set and the 500+pg manual looks pretty daunting.

Thanks in advance.
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