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We have had some difficulty with Motor[x].PhasePosSf when converting UMAC code to PPMAC.

It seems that the description under Ixx70 on p1416 of the PPMAC Reference Manual "Set PhasePosSf = 256/(Ixx71/Ixx70) for compatible operation" is incorrect.

This yields: 256 * commutation cycles per rev / counts per rev

I believe that the description for Motor[x].PhasePosSf (p464) is correct.

This yields: 2048 * commutation cycles per rev / (256 * counts per rev)

Clearly there's a scaling mix up.
Read the description (expression) in the Brick manual
Thanks for pointing that out. Are you referring to the Turbo to Power I-var equivalents table near the end of the Software Reference manual? You gave a different page number than the current manual has (page 1416 versus 1295).
I was referencing your manual 050-PRPMAC-0S0 dated April 11, 2016 - page 1416. Page 1295 in this manual refers to "Mathematical Feature Specification". Is this manual now out of date?
No, I am the one with the out of date manual.

Probably, the best description is in the Power Brick Ac manual under the "On-going Phase Position" heading (p.125), as Richard referred a few posts back.

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