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CmdStatus error code list
In the power pmac software reference, under Ldata.CmdStatus, there's a small list of error codes that can be returned. But not all of them are listed, I had to hunt around on the forum to find one of the errors I saw (-34 for buffer full). It would be great to have them all in one spot, and perhaps with some more verbose description of what might cause them.

In the first chapter of the Software Reference Manual (recent versions), there is a long table "Reported Errors for Illegal Commands" which shows the error numbers (as positive values) and error strings for the various error types.

When the commands are issued externally, the number and string are returned over the communications port. When the commands are issued internally, the error number (as a negative value) is put in Ldata.CmdStatus.
Ah, found in the User's Manual.

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