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Circular move radius 2mm

I would like to draw a circle on X and Y axis. I am using PMAC2-PC104.
I study in the manual there is circle1 and cirlce2 command.

I set i13=5;

I came accros this 2 command but I dont have any idea how to draw a 2mm circle.
X{} Y{} I{} J{}
X{} Y{} R{}

sqr(X) + sqr(y) = sqr®. I dont what is the value of X and Y that could give me R value 2.

In short, I need X and Y to have circular move that give me 2mm radius of circle

Please help me.

Thank you
Try these motion program commands:

Normal K-1 ; Define XY plane
Inc(X,Y) ; Specify endpoint incrementally
Inc( R ) ; Specify circle center incrementally
Circle1 ; Specify Circle mode clockwise (Circle2 for counterclock)
X0 Y0 I-2 ; Full circle with 2 mm radius, center at -2mm in X from start/stop point

See attached examples from a slide in the Turbo class presentation.

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