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Inductive encoder with CMOS and TTL output
Hello guys,

i have directly connected a maxon flat motor come with a MILE (inductive incremental encoder) to J3 terminal from turbo pmac clipper board, but there's no position ready. When i changed back to HEDS 5540 avago optical encoder, everything works fine. The conversion type is 1/T extension of incremental encoder. May i know where i did wrong?

attached the motor and encoder datasheet.


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The data sheet indicates the encoder output is a TTL compatible signal. This should work with the Turbo Clipper. Verify your wiring is correct. Also check the signal with a scope - maybe the encoder has been compromised and does not produce a signal.

As this is a technical support issue please contact our support group for further assistance: or +1-818-717-5656.

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