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"out" command
I'm currently trying to convert some existing PMAC code to PPMAC and have come across a feature that I've previously used that I can't find in the PPMAC manual.

In PMAC I have an M variable pointing to X:$00022E,8,16,s: the "#4 PID internal filter result". In my application I write to this directly from a PLCC when I need to generate a current in the motor at a time when it's open loop.

I need to do the same in PPMAC from the rtiplc code. How do I do this? There's no notes in the equivalent section in the PPMAC ref manual.

This is Motor[x].ServoOut according to page 1315 of the Power PMAC Software Reference Manual. I do not think you can write to this, however, so if you want to add a bias programmatically, you can write to Motor[x].DacBias temporarily.
The Power PMAC structure Motor[x].IqCmd is the closest equivalent to the old Turbo PMAC PID result. This you can write to if the servo is deactivated. As mentioned by Charles Motor[x].DacBias can be used under most circumstances.
OK, thanks for your help - the DAC bias seems to do what I need.

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